Bloody Mary Recipe

There are varying accounts as to the origins of the Bloody Mary, but for sure it is one of the standout drinks of the South. In New Orleans, amateur and professional bartenders alike all have their own precious method to mixing the perfect Bloody Mary recipe. For most, the process is almost like alchemy – taking a few basic, simple ingredients and turning them into an intoxicating elixir as if by magic or voodoo. Hailed as the perfect breakfast drink, hangover cure, a stand alone salad, and a must have for brunch, this Creole Bloody Mary Recipe is a great base upon which to build your own signature version.

Some variations to keep in mind while building your signature Bloody Mary:

New Orleans style – extra spicy with a kick of cayenne and Tabasco
Zesty – add a shot of pickle juice, pickled okra and spicy green beans
Salad – add fresh celery, stuffed olives, okra, green beans and lime
Refreshing – lime juice, and a shot of beer
Warming – A few tablespoons beef broth, and a shot of worcestire sauce.

Basic Creole Bloody Mary Recipe


1 cup vodka
3-1/2 cups chilled tomato or low sodium v8 juice
2 Tablespoons lemon or lime juice
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
4-6 dashes of hot sauce, such as Tabasco
Celery salt (or kosher salt) and black pepper
For garnish: celery stalks and lime slices


Mix together all ingredients except vegetables in a pitcher or shaker. Drink can be shaken or stirred, but make sure the mixture is well blended. If you like, you can prepare the tomato juice mixer up to two days ahead, and add the vodka and garnish when serving. Pour into tall glass over ice, and garnish with celery and lime. It is also common to use spicy pickled green beans or pickled okra if available.